Friday, February 14, 2014

Garden-5 Minute Friday

This is my first 5 Minute Friday found over here: Fun...will add pictures in a bit! FINALLY, I did it.

In my mind the visions are beautiful and plenty.

The rows of vegetables are even and marked by sticks that are lovely, yet imperfect, because they are made by precious little people who live under my roof.

The fruit trees blossom, and produce fruit that is lovingly transformed into luscious pies and homemade jams.

There are summer parties where friends gather and take home the overflow, and there are healthy opportunities to snack everywhere I turn.

The benches that line the paths of my garden beg me to come and sit with my Bible. And I do, each morning, with my cup of coffee.

It is a place of nurturing and learning for my precious little daughter with special needs. Who doesn't talk, but does love. Who is learning to read, but not quite learning to count. In my mind my garden is a rich and full place of endless counting practice. Ryan's Rooster Ranch is in the corner, with its picket fence, and every day we count the eggs we collect and the vegetables we pick.

That is all in my mind. In reality I have a side yard that is all dirt and dead weeds.

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  1. Beautiful! Life truly is what we make of it, not what others see.