Thursday, January 3, 2013


We have never really been pet people. I don't like saying goodbye to animals at the end of their life, and my hubby says we are too dysfunctional for pets. He contends they will end up being more work for him, and he already has a (very) full plate. So, this Christmas, when I got my heart set on getting a kitten for our 11 year old daughter, things got a bit tense. I assured him we would all chip in. I promised it would go well.

But his feet were a bit planted. And so were mine.
In the middle of another “discussion” I simply got honest with him. “I am not fighting for a cat,” I pleaded, “I am fighting for a moment. The time when we can buy that child a present that will make her cry is coming to an end. Our options are fewer and further between than just a few short years ago.
I am fighting for the look on her face when she sees the cat.”
And with that, he gave in.

In the teary blink of an eye, we became cat people. My daughter named her Purr; my hubby said it was short for “Purrfect.”

Although the kitty is currently in “time out” for scratching the couch, we ALL love her dearly.
God’s graciousness can shine through the tiniest of things. The tiny decision to make room for a little girl to love a kitten, and we realize it was not the thing we dreaded…it is a good thing.
Sometimes when you change your mind, you leave room for God to change your life.