Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great Plans

The depression was creeping in; dark fingers in the periphery of my mind. I knew it was coming.

A place of ministry that I love is coming to an end I don't understand. I know life is messy. I know condemnation comes in places I don't want. Don't agree with. Can't stop.

But God's timing was purposeful. Impeccable. Sovereign. Because I could not bow down to the cloud of depression.

When the depression started in, the ministry of my heart, Brighten A Corner, had a fund raising concert just two days away. This was already a PLAN B, as PLAN A failed to come together. I knew I had to remain engaged. The team had worked so hard...and it was coming together.

People started coming. Auction prizes were being bid on and sweets were being delighted in.

The opening three acts were all fabulous. The Holy Spirit was thick in a room of people enjoying music, ministry and one another. The hard work was paying off.

I introduced the headlining band CLOVERTON...thrilled that my little idea of bringing them in for a concert had come to life. I was the only one on the team who knew their music--the one song played on the radio and another on the internet--but the team gathered around the idea. When the band took the stage the room was electric. Their talent was stunning. The music, the lights, the smoke filled atmosphere of the church was the breathe of fresh air my soul was craving...

Then the lead singer, Lance (who feels like a friend) began to share from his heart. The other band members discreetly left the stage as the spotlight rained down on a man and his piano. He began to share his song about a great verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Great Plans I have you.

And I was undone.

I know you’re tired

the darkness in your eyes
I’ve come to recognize

So lay yourself down

in the shelter of my tree
rest awhile with me, here

Great plans I have for you

No one's opinion of me should ever replace God's opinion of me.

And HE used music to fill my soul with hope, as my heart is going through the humanness of grief.

Over and over that song is being poured into my mind. The tears of loss are falling, but they are mixed with the tears of gratitude that always there is hope.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord. It is a treasure to be open to His message. It is joy to know God brings people across our path to speak to us.

Great plans he has for me.