Friday, September 27, 2013

Better Than Nothing

It's hard not to get down on myself.

I don't do speech often enough with my daughter.

I don't do music.

My house doesn't get clean enough. My routine is not established enough. There are always so many more things I could do.

But the first month of school is behind us, and while there is so much more that I deeply desire to do better, I should pause and celebrate the things that have gone well.

We made homemade strawberry jam. We are doing all kinds of creative things to strengthen hands and improve handwriting skills. The jam was delish!

We searched for plastic numbers in died spaghetti. Learning how many dots go with each number is a LOT of work!

We are learning all about our stop and go fingers!

And Reagan is growing and thriving, too.

I will try to get better, but we ARE beginning to learn Proverbs 1, are reading The Red Badge of Courage aloud on occasion, have reinstated library trips almost regularly and have at least thought about it enough to outline a weekly routine that--if followed--would help me enormously in the never-ending-is-it-ever-possible quest to get organized.

That is certainly better than nothing.

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  1. Robin, You are an amazing mother, teacher, and role model. There is always "something" but what I see is a woman serving God by being the best that she can be for her family. You make it look easy.