Monday, June 10, 2013


I volunteered to make centerpieces for the 8th grade graduation at my daughter's school. She is in 7th grade. Next year will be her last before high school...I am slightly nauseous as I write that.

There was a request for simple flowers. Daisies. I am not a florist, but I thought, "Why not?"

Flowers in Mason Jars.

It has been said to me in the last several weeks that I seem to have more conflict in my life than most. My daughter's former school was a huge source of such conflict. It grieved my hubby and me. We still love that precious little school that struggles; but it is such a stark contrast to the healthy environment we now call our school.

It allows me to grow. Instead of feeling like I needed to do the whole graduation, I could sign up to do flowers. Even better, I could e-mail the others who signed up, and we could each do a bit.

This amount of order to the process is huge growth for me. This was the day before the graduation.

I long to be the person I am not. Organized. Efficient. Clutter Free.

The graduation was at a home. And the home has sent my mind spinning since I arrived. It is not that I am envious. I don't necessarily want that home, but it was such an accurate reflection of the people who owned the home. It was complete. Finished. Simple. Whimsical. Serious.

I want to make progress in my journey to create a home that reflects me. And I want a homeschool environment similar to the one in that house. (Maybe there is a bit of envy.) I am inspired.

Here's hoping it leads to action!

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