Friday, September 7, 2012

Remaining Principled

The question I find myself pondering is this: "Can I ever develop consistent character if the ends justify the means?"

Two news items this week have me wresting.

First, the Democratic Convention takes any mention of God out of their platform. Then they put it back in.

I am a devout Christian who has spent a fair amount of time pondering the importance of  a Biblical world view. I absolutely believe God SHOULD BE acknowledged by any American political party.

HOWEVER, the party has procedures in place. If an amendment to the passed party platform is desired, that amendment must be introduced; a motion to accept it offered; that motion seconded; and a vote taken. The vote must receive 2/3 support in order to pass the amendment.

The verbal vote taken--three times--on the convention floor simply did not sound like a 2/3 majority supported the change. In fact, it didn't even sound close. The chairman, who according to the audio I listened to, seemed incredibly uncomfortable...he knew what he was supposed to do, he seemed to realize it could not be done if the rules were to be strictly followed, but it was done anyway.

I am not sure who won.

I absolutely want God acknowledged in all politics. But mostly I want 2/3 of the people to also want God acknowledged; and I want to know that the rules will be followed to protect us from the emotional highs and lows life throws at us.

Second, a bad guy was convicted of a crime.

I believe he was guilty. I believe he is also guilty of another crime he has yet to be charged with. Both crimes were the murders of his wives--wife #3, and wife #4. To say this guy is unlikeable is an understatement.

The problem I have is this: The vast difference between believing beyond a shadow of a doubt someone is guilty, and having the prosecution prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone is guilty is huge. They are NOT the same thing, and in a society of laws the burden is on the prosecution not our opinion.

They changed the rules to ensure the outcome. Never before has heresay been allowed in court with this much influence. It is a slippery slope, that may very well get overturned by a higher court in the future. This bad guy might walk after all.

Having faith means trusting that God will work things out, and that it is my role to follow His ways even when the short term outcome looks bleak. Not so easy for me.

I can easily be an "ends justify the means" kind of a gal. But watching it unfold in third party this week helps me to realize that the consistency of my character needs to be a value I strive for, even if I have to let something I would like to have go...for now.

God really will have it. HE really does have longer term vision that I do. Why don't I remember that more often?

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